We are building the English OS for the World

Like a computer needs an operating system (OS) - the world needs an OS for English as a second language. Built on a decade of research, our product ecosystem is that OS.

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The Ultimate English learning platform for ages 3-12

fREADom is an English learning ecosystem for children of ages 3-12. There is an app, a live online group class, a live 1:1 class, a blog, and a YouTube channel.

fREADom launched in 2016 as a reading-as-a-life-skill product. We continue to believe, that one can achieve true freedom only when one can read. Hence Freedom + Read = fREADom. Read more about the name on our blog.

fREADom Live Online Class

Built on a decade of pedagogic research, our expert-led online classes (group or 1:1) are enabling thousands of children to enhance their reading, writing and speaking skills.


fREADdom App = Stories + GK + Activities

The fREADdom App is a productive screen time and positive engagement app for kids of ages 3-12 that focuses on improving English Language.

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fREADom Blog

Go Get fREADom is our blog where we present teacher and parent resources. fREADom kid authors present their work on the blog too.

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fREADom TV is our YouTube channel where we present fun educational videos for children. Remember to check out Mooch and Mini.

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Club1BR Community

Club 1BR is an exclusive club of schools that promote English as a life skill in the age-group of 3 to 12. The mission is to raise 1 billion readers.

All stakeholders - school leaders, teachers, parents, and children - get access to special tools and benefits that assist in achieving this goal.

Earlier called Project fREADom Lab, more than 1000 schools are already part of the club.

For Schools

At Stones2Milestones, we have worked with schools since our inception in 2009. Our first language intervention programme - Wings of Words - was designed to work in schools. Also started in 2009 was Book Lovers' Program for Schools (currently unavailable).

Wings of Words

Wings of Words, or WOW, is a plug-and-play programme designed for schools. It is meant to inspire children to simply fall in love with reading.

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FAST Assessment

FAST is India's first standardised reading skill assessment for children. Meant to be taken via school, it helps assess each child's reading level and progress.

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Children's Books

We love children's books. Our contribution to the Indian children's book ecosystem is via our two iconic brands - MsMoochie books and The Best of Indian Children's Writing Awards.

MsMoochie books

MsMoochie Books is a children's publishing imprint. MsMoochie is home to the popular Ramu and Ramya Series and also to Merry and the Elephant and her friends.

MsMoochie is highly rated on Amazon.

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BICW Awards

The Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) - Contemporary award recognises the best Indian books for children in the age group of 3 to 12 years from publishers across India, published after 2005. It is a seal of trust - a BICW award winning book is the "best."

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We believe that English language proficiency is a critical life skill.

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