Adaptive plug and play reading ecosystem designed for schools

WOW Lite empowers librarians, teachers, and parents to raise readers who are crazy about reading.

Stones2Milestones’ WOW Lite program is a plug-and-play reading ecosystem designed for schools to inspire children to simply fall in love with reading. Building on more than a decade of research, we use teacher-approved activities for children and award-winning technology solutions for teachers and parents, so children can enjoy reading both within and beyond the boundaries of school. WOW Lite empowers librarians, teachers, and parents to raise readers.

How does it work in the school environment?

Library/reading period

30-35 noisy and fun filled activities reading activities for the year

Librarian / Language / Mother Teacher

Teach the science of teaching reading and storytelling through structured reading experiences, assignments, training courses and assessments, delivered online.

Library (the space)

A set of ideas and activities to transform the space into happy, bustling reading ready spaces.

Prescribed curricular readers

A booklist of thematic, age appropriate, graded Indian and international books for children


Structured, age-appropriate and contextual reading experiences with parents through a personalised and engaging mobile and web app.

Co-curricular events / Participation in competitions

Literature Festival, Author sessions , webinars, campaigns, national creative challenges, and much more. Annual online state of reading assessments for children in grades 2-6

Let’s take a second to imagine a fully engaged early childhood classroom. Kids are engaged in text, creating visual representations, and expressing their ideas. Some students are working in groups and others working individually. All students are engaged. They explore books of various genres, not only in the library or during reading times, but also related to science, math, and social studies instruction. In this environment, teachers and students work together to uncover answers to questions. Resources are used, and contextual evidence is cited. Materials in the classroom are adapted not only to help students with challenges interact with text, but also to serve as a motivator for reading. The classroom has signs, posters, word walls and the labels have both words and pictures. Language is connected. This sounds wonderful, right?

Product Snapshot

A research based pedagogically unique program that is both instructional and inspirational aimed at building the will & skill to read in children of age 3 to grade 3. The program is integrated within the school time table.

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