Creating skilled and inspired life long readers

Creating skilled and inspired life long readers

How We Engage With Schools

They Have Started Early

Daly College, Indore

Delhi Public School, Amritsar

Edify School, Bengaluru

Indus Valley World School, Kolkata

Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad

Sangam School of Excellence, Bhilwara

DeepJyoti School, Mumbai

Amrit Vidyalaya,Vadodara

Social Impact

Case In Point

DeepJyoti School, Mumbai

Running the program for the last 4 years
When she entered the first grade of DeepJyoti school in Mumbai, Moly was a very shy girl. She did not talk much, and couldn’t read even simple words. While writing even, she would end up copying the question instead of writing the answer. This happened because she could not comprehend what she read. When this school took up the program, they began to see a change in Moly. She participated in group activities and made more friends in the class. Exercises in sounds and blending helped her read new words confidently and within a few months, she could read and write sentences with ease. After three years of the program, she is now in class 4 and a smart, loving and confident child who is very proud of her language skills!
Stuti and Gavin are adorable Kindergarteners, full of life and spirit. They are now on the cusp of first grade. When they entered Sr. Kg. in DeepJyoti School, neither of them could read or recognise alphabets. When Sheetal Panwar, their teacher introduced WoW Junior in the class, their live changed. Since phonics forms the base of instruction, children could pick up letter sounds, associate between the letter names and sounds, and what’s more, even read and write simple words! By the end of the year, due to WoW’s all round focus on literacy development, Stacy spoke and wrote more confidently and Gavin could read simple poems independently.

“In my 17 year career, in different schools, I haven’t had the opportunity to attend this kind of comprehensive and well designerd training. The teachers and I, have become more effective and efficient leaders “

Dr. N. Kanta Rani
Principal, Deepjyoti School, Mumbai